Juliet Fletcher

Journalist & Essayist. The Herald (Glasgow, Scotland); The (Bergen) Record, N.J.; Philadelphia City Paper. Twitter: @JulietFletcher

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Juliet Fletcher is a longtime journalist and editor. As a reporter, she wrote about U.S. news and politics for 13 years, for outlets from Glasgow, Scotland to New Jersey. As a journalist working for outlets in different countries, Juliet spent much of her career "switching" perspectives in her work, to write about places familiar to her but unfamiliar to her audience. She now uses this mindset when writing and editing many kinds of nonfiction, and runs craft workshops helping writers find their lens in new forms, especially memoir and creative nonfiction. Juliet's fiction will feature in the forthcoming WORDS AFTER DARK anthology, presented by Lyrics, Lit & Liquor. She is currently working on her first novel.

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